Murals and Restoration Galleries

These galleries show a wide variety of work on original murals, restoring murals and decorative art and other types of restoration work that Pauli has engaged in over the course of her art career. We will be updating these pages with more images in the near future.


Gallery A: "Time Flies"
A mural finished in 2008 for Restaurant 3 in Arlington

image Gallery G: St. Joseph's Cathedral
Hundreds of hand-painted panels adorn the ceiling

Gallery B: "By the Sea"
A mural finished in 2001 for Whitlow's on Wilson


Gallery H: Berks County Courthouse
Restoring decorative art and reliefs

image Gallery C: Senate Chamber Panels
See some of the original and alternate designs

Gallery I: Aramark, Inc.
How we turned a water tower into an office building

Gallery D: Capitol Building
R estoration work on the Office of the Speaker

Gallery J: Indonesian Embassy
Fine art restoration

image Gallery E: Library of Congress
Restoring the original decorative art

Gallery K: Private Residences
Murals, borders and columns for every room in the house

image Gallery F: Warner Theater
Restoring relief work on ceilings and walls

Gallery L: Miscellaneous Commissions
Images from a variety of mural and restoration jobs

Note: If you are interested in ordering prints from some of Pauli's original murals,
please contact us directly. Call 240-491-3388 to leave a message.