About Pauli

Pauli Zmolek is an artist anmresiding in southern Maryland, United States, whose style combines realism with impressionism and occasional fantasy. Working in all mediums of painting, she favors watercolors, which allow her to minimally suggest a background whilst still defining her object as clearly as she sees it in her mind's eye.

Whether it is whimsical, moody or soothing, Pauli's work is always evocative: long shadows cast by the beams of a porch suggest the warmth of a late afternoon sun; a pinwheel emerging from a crumbling brick wall suggests an emergence from a long period of solitude; a row of empty rocking chairs suggests—by the very absence of the sitters—a relaxing conversation...

Pauli's artistic talents began to show during grade school. After earning a BFA at the University of Iowa, she attended the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore, Maryland, where she trained in oil painting in the old masters style. She was subsequently hired as the first woman ever to serve as a decorative painter for the Architect of the United States Capitol. She is responsible for designing the decorative panels that adorn the Senate Chamber. She also worked for nearly ten years in the Library of Congress on a project to restore the original decorative artwork.

In 2005, Pauli married Captain Steven A. Eades and moved to Smith Island, Maryland, in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. Here her theme is capturing the fading traditional lifestyle of local fishing and crabbing communities of the Chesapeake and the lower Eastern shore.

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